Est. 2018

Mora Mora Farm is a small-scale farm, located outside of Portland, Oregon. We offer diverse annual vegetables to a local farmers market and through a small CSA program. We grow on a 1/2-acre outdoor plot with access to a 1440 square-foot indoor hoophouse space and are participants in the Headwaters Farm Incubator Program in Gresham, which aids in small farm business start-ups.


We grow our produce without the use of synthetic pesticides and employ minimal tillage techniques to limit soil disturbance. The push this coming season will be to move to an entirely no-till system to keep the soil structure intact and its microbial life flourishing. We work to increase the organic content of the soil by adding compost, practicing crop rotation, and cover cropping.

The farm is currently experimenting with integrative pest management techniques and developing an irrigation strategy to ensure that water is being used in an efficient and effective manner.