Mora Mora Farm is excited to announce
the launch of a small CSA program
this coming 2019 season!

I am because we are.
— Ubuntu philosophy

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It’s a way of strengthening our food system by moving customers from a consumer mindset to a participant mindset. The reality of producing food is that many of the costs occur at the beginning of the season, months before any produce is actually harvested and sold. The money received through a CSA program helps the farmer buy seeds and invest in tools and equipment. In exchange, the customer not only receives the freshest and most nutritious produce, which is generally harvested the morning of pick-up, but they will also get a closer look into what it takes to get food from the farm to their table. The intention behind a CSA program is both to strengthen the relationship between the farmer and the customer by sharing more equally the risks and rewards of farming, and to offer a space for the customer to reimagine their relationship with food in its production and consumption.

Logistically, customers commit by purchasing a share of the produce before the season begins, and they receive a weekly box of vegetables throughout the growing season.

What: A weekly box of vegetables, approximately an $18 value per week; designed for 1-2 person households. This season, we will be growing over 30 different crops and 70 different varieties of vegetables, along with some herbs and strawberries. Week-to-week, boxes will normally includes a bag or bunch of greens, a bunch of root vegetables, a highly seasonal item like tomatoes or winter squash, an herb, and another miscellaneous vegetable from the farm that week.

When: 24 weeks, from mid-June through Thanksgiving.

Where: A mid-week pick-up in NE Portland

Perks of a MMF CSA:

- Weekly farm newsletters sent to your inbox with recipes, updates, and more
- Opportunities for a farm tour and volunteer work days at the farm
- Member-exclusive farm dinner at the end of the season
- An occasional mushroom add-on option from MMF friends and fungi enthusiasts, Mycobios Mushrooms!

Payment Options:

The total value of a 2019 CSA share is $432. A non-refundable $100 deposit is required at time of sign-up to ensure a share.

Pay in full - $310.40 by March 15 (5% discount)
3 payments of $110.67 (March 15, May 15, August 15)

Payment can be made via check, Venmo, or online through Square. Once you sign-up for your CSA share, you will receive an email with more information on how to pay. Any questions, comments, and concerns can be sent through our Contact page.

Sign up for your 2019 CSA share today!